Providing Effective Feedback

It is important to move away from the notion that a really well ‘marked’ book is an effective proxy for a great teacher. For feedback to be effective, it must be acted upon, otherwise it is a waste of our precious time.

A great place to start when thinking about feedback is the chapter on ‘Assessment and Feedback’ in What does this look like in the classroom? by Carl Hendrick and Robin MacPherson (available in the CPD Library – please see CH). This chapter will provides an excellent understanding as to how feedback should work.

The following reading demonstrates how to improve the feedback we give students, whilst reducing workload and improving outcomes.

Literature: (available in the CPD library – see please CH)

  • What does this look like in the classroom? – Chapter on assessment and feedback – Carl Hendrick and Robin MacPherson
  • Making Every Lesson Count chapter 5 – ‘Feedback’ – Shaun Allison and Andy Tharby
  • Embedded Formative Assessment – Dylan Wiliam
  • A Marked Improvement – Education Endowment Foundation

Blog posts:

Self and peer feedback:


How to go about structuring feedback in a lesson:

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